Greystone (livelovelight) wrote,

Sweet nothing

It can be the littlest things that get us thinking about those in our hearts, whom we have so much history. A small song comes on, the way i find myself speaking, a rain cloud...I think of him. this journal is formed for lonely people. How can so many feel so alone? What is it in our lives that make us forget and feel disconnected to everything? why when two people love each other so much, can they not just simply be? Things are slowing down for me. the world is floating, and everything that just was is remembered in a dream state. I've been eating myself to sickness. What is this void of numbness within me. My senses are faltering, and I am just trying to taste to feel real. I am in love with life. I am completely in love. Living. But there are still these moments of sinking, willing to sink downward in the depth of this sweet nothing.
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