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Rising Life

These symbols forming sounds can never truly express the whirl of change within us. There are holes in stone that hold memories. I am connected with my history so not to forget what we've always know. Without every moment that's ever been, we would'nt have this here and matter how high or low, it's worth every second. And I am basking in breath, landscape, my own coming to life. What a haze I've been drifting through, but that absent time had to be, to fully express this very instant. I've just come back to this draining space, because this is where my commitments are. I am here to warm my hands on this sweet cup of tea. to make a list of what I want and dont want, and overcome my fear of manifestation. to clean up the lack-of-life I've been sinking in.
Tonight we watched the sky fall into rainbow colors. I could see energy rippling from the Tribes' bodies. Layers of aura bodies expanding outward. My Seeing is coming back. I am alive. Darkness begins above us and creeps it's way down to every horizon, engulfing the west last. the sky is lit with stars that fill our eyes and open our hearts in all new ways. There are feeling filling me. Unshed battles long since lost. I win them tonight with my words. Resolving pasts, bringing tears to a caveman's eyes. The pain spills out of me and transforms to love. My speech turns to poetry as I unleash my heart's words. History becomes beauty like the landscape. Mid sentence I am compelled to completely turn around, "This is why we are still here, we have unfinished business." The moon answers as the first faint rays of her glory shines through the trees. We watch the grand golden misshapen baby being born over the horizon. She greets us with her ever changing knowledge. We follow flattened grass paths back to the waters edge poetry spinning cartwheels from my tongue.
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