Greystone (livelovelight) wrote,

It's Begun

The second day of of the most intense training of my life has just wound down. Yesterday, on my 20th birthday, I started at a school of energy healing, and already the rapid growth is unfolding. Just being with a group of strangers (who are quickly becoming friends) that all share the same dream of reaching out, expanding ourselves, helping others through our own awareness. This time is challenge, transformation. 12 hour days of training leaving me energized and excited. This is the best thing I've ever done for to the contribution to Oneness. This is the science of energy and the laying on of life. It's the projection of love and the journey toward truth. Everything is. and it's just a matter of finding the resonance of things to connect with and "communicate" with it. I so want to say more but the machanics of this machine can not sing my soul.
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