Greystone (livelovelight) wrote,

Following the Dawn

Mornings have always been difficult for me to face, but ,at last, the calm silence of morning sooths me. I greet the new day with opportunity and insight. At this time, it is easer to hear, to listen to what the world is speaking. It is our second chance, our new beginning, our fresh start...and it happens everyday. The sun spills over the darkened earth, and casts fine light rays across the land. Slowly warming, gently offering newness. Begin again. Yesterday is nothing without today.
These past few mornings I've been awakening with warmth and goodness. Early rising and blissful dreams. Soft smiles make me. I walk through the earth's fresh wetness. Millions of smells mingling through my senses. Fog clinging to valleys. myst over still lakes. blazing skies above the bay. Illuminated mountains. the rejuvenated wholeness of taking the teachings of yesterday, and going forth in a whole new way.
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