Greystone (livelovelight) wrote,

better than it sounds?

Deep fried distractions. Numb dellirium.
I need to go through this right now to break through to...
When I see those brillent eyes, and share these sparkling smiles, I feel love in everything.
Something in me wont let go. Is'nt it true that just when we think we've gotten somewhere we're tossed back down. the lessons never end. change is the road to conisouness...i am learning as the landscape spins by, sometimes stopping to take a picture or read a sign. There is no easy part in loosing love. I am just trying to rejoyus in the beauty at hand and the life I've lived. Still I am eager to claw my way from this numb cage and feel. rub my body on each passing beauty. Caress curles with my toung. Eating is not filling this empty space. my vision is clouded. things dont smell so sweet. I want to break down to superfisal sexiness...but I am sure I wont. I am too afraid of complexities. Too nervous one of these spirits might attach. So i am sitting horney, numb, smiling in sunshine not knowing why.
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