Greystone (livelovelight) wrote,

The Haunted Phone Call and My Two Loves

It feels good to be here.
I have seen the figure of her dead husband wandering these hall. I am glade she is coming home tonight, no more fed comas or toy dog barks. The phone has rang many times and I pick up, only emptiness answers. Usually it is a while before they call back, but tonight, my last night, when phone rang and no one answered, it rang again a few minutes latter.
a mans voice says groggaly, "Why are you suffering?"
"Yes is M_ W_ there?"
"No, no she isnt."
"Ok thank you."
And they hang up. I look at caveman with wide eyes, and tell him what I thought I herd. He just looks at me and says,"why are you suffering."
I close my eyes as fleeting images fill me. I think of her dead husband and his unresolved issues. I think of the love in my life and how there just cant seem to only be one. There is always someone else causing me to question. Two separate worlds I love for different reasons. This causes me to not be able to simply be with one person. There is always a mystery, unexplored aspects
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