Greystone (livelovelight) wrote,

Nomad by Sea

Through inlets, and passages we find our homes. The last nomadic lifestyle aboard a cabin cruiser. each liquid skyline we fly to, every subtle sea slop, each passing beauty is undeniably apart of this great connection. we sit a pone a Spot and watch the sky change. colors so true it fills eyes with water. to see, to be in this vast expanse of beauty. For an endless weekend we find a home every place we go. Like the birds above us, we fly on an only slightly denser sky. Moonbeams and phosphorescent galaxies. Sun shine and naked beauties. waters opening in calm softness, to glide between destinations. On Lopez, Island we find a family juggle festable, with inspiration and excitement filling the air. At night a feast is served, then a performance of naked fire jugglers jumping into the night. When the twirling flames are extinguished strangers and friends sit around a warming fire circle exchanging funny stories, heart-filled songs, puppet performances, laughter, language, communication, beauty. We walk back with smiles and love it here. It is our home for the night. Then, a day filled with love and a sunset movement west toward our island.
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