Greystone (livelovelight) wrote,

this very now

After too many questions of where I am, I have come to a place I once could'nt wait to leave and found simple love and youthful lightness. It feels good here. I had to come to face the parts of me I've tried to deny. I am unfolding into something extraordinary and facing my past as a whole new future. Each passing moment is different, and I am trying to not be so eager to learn too quickly...I would only end up being tossed around...if only i could be patient and see things for what they are, avoiding all the mishap and gliding right through the lesson. it certainly hasn't been my style of approach. I've flown as high as I could and came barreling down to crash and burn and say 'Oh Ya!' I honestly believe all that can be avoided, so let it be. Patience young one. look at things for what they are.
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