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Thank you universe

The winds have swept me wild. the fog has rolled in as if to frost my smile. I am having the best time simply living. There is no common times. No scale or schedule. I've been drifting on an intuitive tide, and wound up just where I need to be. I left on a whim of tears to find a love I tried to loose in a place I never wanted to go back to. I was with my family, in the woods and wandering neighborhoods feeling youthful and light at last. I found those shattered pieces of myself, carefully patching them together to make something totally new and completely solid. Then I came back to my homeless home, and climbed a Young mountain to greet the tribe. I met my brothers with in embrace, standing on top of the world with with the universe flying over head. there is that same vast excitement under the stars these days. We walk down together, both bare foot in the dark. The ease of real interactions, we know one another, it seems like it's been a lifetime. We dont leave the boat home for the next few days. Just float in a sanctuary of life flourishing around. i watched the sun sink and then shade the sky again...with peace. There is no complication. Just pure untainted friendship. I can hardly imagine I am so close to a male without sexuality, and he is not of blood...he is my brother. We look at one another and know. I feel all my worlds blending beautifully. It's not anything more than what it is, and I feel so blessed to be alive. My loves, my lives, my families all undeniably one.

Mom said to me today:
Do you know what spirituality is?
It is taking a deep breath, focusing it in your mind, and sending it to your heart...that is spirituality.
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